If you have ever sat on a sofa or had a good night’s sleep on a mattress, chances are you have been using polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam, or PU foam, is an extremely versatile product with a whole suite of applications. But how much do you know about this seemingly everyday product?

What is polyurethane (PU) Comfort foam?

PU foam is a flexible, open cell foam. It is available in a range of hardness, resilience and densities, including memory foam. A flexible and diverse product, PU foam offers solutions for a wide range of settings such as bedding products (mattresses and pillows) and furniture. Flexible polyurethane foam is also used in a number of other domestic settings such as in cleaning sponges and flooring underlay.

What is Comfort foam used for? 

Foam is commonly used in mattresses and pillows as well as furniture, offering a high level of comfort, support and durability. Comfort foam in mattresses is either providing a soft and durable top layer to sprung traditional mattresses, or a PU foam core that may be a single sheet or layers of different foams creating a mattress with no other materials necessary.

Comfort foam mattresses

Comfort foam mattresses can be composed of a number of layers of different hardness/density ratios, designed to help provide support, comfort and relief to the user. The bottom layer will usually be the most firm, with the layers becoming softer all the way to the top layer. Sleep comfort is individual to everyone. Some sleepers prefer a firm mattress whereas other sleepers choose a softer mattress.

Good airflow ensures people remain cool and comfortable through the night, and the resilient top layer helps users move and turn over easily without effort. Comfort foam mattresses are suitable for all users and offer exceptional durability.

Foam mattress toppers

Most sprung mattresses have a top layer of foam to create a comfortable sleeping experience and stop the user feeling the springs contained within.

Foam pillows

Foam is used frequently in the production of a wide range of pillows thanks to its durable and supportive material features. Various shapes and sizes of foam are cut and placed inside the pillow.

Posted 8th February 2021

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