The Vita Group is taking all of the issues arising from the fast moving COVID-19 situation very seriously. Our aim is to reduce the risk of infection for our employees, customers and suppliers and to maintain production through taking sensible and proportionate risk minimisation approaches.

I would like to inform you on how we wish to handle deliveries to our sites. This information is correct on the date of issue but as you will understand the situation is changing rapidly. We have introduced measures to minimise the spread of the virus at our sites. These have been reviewed by our Health and Safety team as part of our Management of Change procedures.

The measures and requirements are as follows, these do not change any of the safety and standard procedures that are part of our daily operations:

  1. Vita is restricting entry to our factory area to employees and essential delivery workers only.
  2. We expect all delivery drivers to arrive at our sites in good health and not presenting with any symptoms associated with COVID-19 in the last 14 days. Should they become unwell with COVID-19 within 14 days of visiting our facility, please contact via e-mail / telephone the Vita contact to let them know.
  3. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE CLOTHING (PPE): Drivers arriving on our sites will be responsible for providing their own PPE. Drivers should ensure that they use hand sanitisers ahead of arriving on our sites and before exchange of any paperwork is made.
  4. UPDATES: These protocols are subject to local (Governments and Regional) updates and changes.
  5. CHEMICALS (Isocyanates): As soon as the driver leaves the cab, both the driver and the Vita operator must wear their protective equipment to allow the offloading and decoupling to take place. This ensures no cross-contamination can occur.
  •  All interactions between Vita operators and drivers will be made at a distance of 2 metres (or 3 steps apart) unless the correct PPE is being worn (as above).
  • On instruction by the Vita operator the driver is expected to return to his cab and remain there throughout offloading or until the Vita operator instructs otherwise.
  • We expect drivers entering Vita sites to arrive with the necessary personal protective equipment to undertake the role required.
  • Drivers undertaking activities such as fixing / removing handrails to the tanker must wear protective equipment.
  • Transfer of paperwork, including review of ISOPA licences will take place using gloves and / or maintaining the 2 metres (3 steps apart) rule.

6. CHEMICALS (bulk containers, IBC’s, drums, etc)

  • As above and / or the 2 metre (3 steps apart) rule must be maintained,
  • Or drivers must arrive on Vita sites with the appropriate PPE which makes it possible for the driver to point out the correct connection and opening mechanism. Note comment above regarding wearing of the correct PPE when fixing/removing handrails.

7. For DHL / Packaging / Palletised Goods Full Loads & Part Loads/ UPS type deliveries: Drivers will be required to keep to the 2 metres (3 steps rule) and wear appropriate gloves as part of any off load procedure. The Vita operator may ask for the driver to return to the cab during this process.

8. HANDLING OF DOCUMENTS: If documents are exchanged between the Vita operator and the driver, they should have washed or sanitised their hands or one party should be wearing disposable gloves.

  • Where possible we would like documents to be sent electronically to your Vita contact prior to delivery.
  • VITA’s INTERNAL PROCEDURE: On completion of unloading a picture of the document will be taken as proof of the correct delivery and sent to necessary department. Documents will not physically travel through the company departments.

We would like to thank you for your support in helping prevent the spread of this virus. At the same time we want to wish you and your employees the best of health over the coming weeks.

On behalf of The Vita Group

Ian W Robb Group CEO
17th April 2020

You may download this information here: Supplier Delivery Instructions

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