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We take responsibility for our actions and we recognise our role in meeting the environmental opportunities and challenges the world faces. We continually invest in our employees, our products and processes, ensuring we have the right skills for our business today and the right capabilities to continue innovating in the future.


“All aspects of sustainability are important at Vita– we cannot maintain our quality of life as human beings without sustainability and everyone can do something to contribute towards sustainability. As a business, we need to use our resources as efficiently as possible to help the drive towards sustainability. This means sustainability can be approached in a number of ways. We can and do look to reduce our overall energy consumption through the introduction of energy saving projects. These may involve new equipment, but may be soft-measures such as new start-up and shutdown procedures. We can also become more sustainable through efficiency in our operations; making sure we get the maximum amount of saleable product from the lowest amount of input materials by making improvements in our planning, production and delivery processes. The journey towards truly sustainable operations is not a simple one and requires buy-in and co-operation at all levels of the organisation, from shop floor to board level. It is encouraging to see that Vita are putting the necessary structure in place to be able to deliver on it’s sustainability goals.”

Robin Parry

Operational Excellence Engineer


Our Sustainable Stories

Vita Talalay commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and traceability are becoming key factors for everyone – specifically in the bedding industry. For Vita and Radium Foam, this is a long-standing commitment and a must – no matter the circumstances. Only pure natural latex is used to produce the Vita Talalay mattress. That makes it biodegradable and sustainable for you. Additionally, we only ever source our latex in a fair and transparent manner. Watch the video to find out more.

upwards photo of trees

Vita Memmingen waste materials generated significantly reduced

After an extensive reworking of the moulded foam production process at our Memmingen site in Germany, the amount of waste materials generated through the moulding process has been significantly reduced: now to almost zero. Our engineers have been able to complete this whilst maintaining the high standards of finish and exceptional quality standards our customers have come to expect. This is not just positive for the environment, but it has helped us demonstrate our design and process engineering capabilities too.

Vita Baltic is now fully powered from renewable energy

As a socially responsible company that strives to care for and conserve the environment, Vita Baltic International has started working with Inter Rao Lietuva to source only renewable energy to power our foam plant.  True sustainability is a journey: and one we are proud to be on.


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