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The Vita Group is an established supplier of medical applications. Vita can manufacture and supply across Europe and can operate short lead times. You will find detailed information below on some of our range of medical applications that meet the comfort and technical requirements for the medical industry. Importantly, our foam grades offer comfort, endurance and superior pressure relief, as well as additional benefits such as water resistance and bacteria resistance.

The Vita Group statement in relation to our PU foams used in Skin Contact

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Foam Grades

Vita Group supplies specific antibacterial and antifungal foam grades for application in products suited for market segments such as medical and nautical.   The antibacterial ingredients provide better performance in terms of hygienic freshness and prolonged product life.   The antimicrobial efficacy is based on control & inhibit bacteria and fungi  to prevent degradation and staining  of the product.

Products do not contain insecticides, are tested and comply with Oeko-Tex®.

Vita sites in The Netherlands,  Poland and Lithuania currently supply antibacterial and antifungal foam grades.  Vita Baltics International also supplies antibacterial and antifungal, moulded memory foam pillows

Please find below a few product codes, for more information please fill out the enquiry form below or directly email

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Foam Grades

Foam GradeAnti-BacterialApplicationPiece Density RangeHardness (40%) StrengthColour
Medical Foam CMHR 5535 AMMedical55 kg/m3150NWhite
VITAPOL VPPTA 1830Medical18 kg/m33kPAVarious
VITAPOL VPPTA 2443Medical24kg/m34kPaViolet
VITAPOL VPPTA 3340Medical33kg/m34kPaBeige
VITAPOL VPPTA 3540Medical35kg/m34kPaGreen
VITAPOL VPPTA 3532Medical35kg/m33.2kPaViolet
VITAPOL VPPTA 4037Medical40kg/m33.7kPaRed
VITAPOL VPPTA 2237Medical22kg/m33.7kPaVarious

Anti-Bacterial Moulded Pillows (Finished Product)

Mould FormItem Height (cm)Item Length (cm)Item Width (cm)Image


Medical Mattress Foam Grades

Vita Group foam experts have specifically developed foam grades for application  in mattresses for the Health Care market segments in wider Europe.  Requirements are typically higher density (for support and durability) combined with soft feel (comfort) and, often, with combustion modification.  Due to its vast presence with multiple production sites in West, Central and Eastern Europe,  Vita Group is able to supply with short lead times reliably across Europe.

Please find below a few product codes, for more information please fill out the enquiry form below or directly email

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Manufactured in the United Kingdom (supplied across Europe)

Foam GradeFoam TypeApplicationPiece Density RangeHardness (40%) StrengthColourFire Cert
VE39-120Standard PUMedical Mattress Foam Block38-40 kg/m3100-140NOrangePDF
VE38-200Standard PUMedical Mattress Foam Block38-40 kg/m3180-220NBluePDF
VE36-135Standard PUMedical Mattress Foam Block34-37 kg/m3110-140NBeigePDF
VE30-130Standard PUMedical Mattress Foam Block29-31 kg/m3115-150NWhitePDF

Manufactured in Hungary (supplied across Europe)

Foam GradeFoam TypeApplicationPiece Density RangeHardness (40%) StrengthColour
CH4038Standard PUMedical Mattress Foam Block38-41 kg/m3125-180NOrange
VH2130Standard PUMedical Mattress Foam Block21-24 kg/m33-4 kPaWhite

Manufactured in Poland (supplied across Europe)

Foam GradeFoam TypeApplicationPiece Density RangeHardness (40%) StrengthColour
VE5015Standard PUMedical Mattress Foam Block40 kg/m315White
VE4010Standard PUMedical Mattress Foam Block40 kg/m310White
VE6020Standard PUMedical Mattress Foam Block60 kg/m320White


HME Filters for Ventilators

Reticulated polyester foam manufactured at Breda, in the Netherlands, is impregnated with a liquid compound (developed and manufactured in our VLP facility in the UK) at our Vitec facility in Manchester, who then convert the material into a variety of sizes.  The end product is used widely across many ventilator types even down to tiny neo-natal sizes.  With precise specifications HME filters are designed to replicate the functions of the body’s upper airway by conserving expired heat and moisture and returning these to the patient during inhalation.

HME Filters

Foam GradeFoam TypeApplicationColour
Improcel – RS60 – CCImpregnated ReticulatedHME FiltersBlue
1.25.23R30HReticulated EtherHME FiltersSkin
T2540RReticulated EitherHME FiltersWhite
1.25.36R30HReticulated EitherHME FiltersBlue

Liquid Compounding

Vita can supply PVC Plastisols; Water Based and Solvent Based Adhesives; Natural and Synthetic Latex and Water-based Dispersions and Emulsions; and Polyether-based Polyurethane Elastomers. Products can be tailored to individual customer needs and we always uphold high standards of product and service. Our Liquid Polymer Experts are dedicated to innovative polymer science.

Product NameProduct TypeIntended Use/ApplicationData Sheet
VariousCure Composites. Anti-OxidantsVarious Latex / Latex-Free Medical ProductsRequest on Enquiry
PV 5396MPre-Vulcanised Natural Rubber Latex. (FDA: Regulated in CFR 21, §175.105 , 177.2600)Manufacture of Dental DamsPDF
PV 7349/1Pre-Vulcanised Natural Rubber Latex. (FDA: Regulated in CFR 21, § 177.2600)Manufacture of Dental DamsPDF
DX 9008UTwo Component Latex Free Liquid Rubber. FDA: Regulated in CFR 21, § 177.2600)Manufacture of Disposable Re-Breathe BagsPDF
DX 8879Two Component Latex Free Liquid Rubber. FDA: Regulated in CFR 21, § 177.2600)Manufacture of Anaesthetic MasksPDF


Foams for Bandages/Negative Wound Dressing

Foam wound dressings offer a soft, absorbent material that can conform to the shape of the body. Foam’s flexibility and tensile strength allows dressings to be fitted to parts of the body where flexion or curves are required such as elbows, heels or knees. These dressings are air-permeable and provide thermal insulation to aid recovery.

Bandages/Negative Wound Dressing


Foam GradeFoam TypeApplicationColour
3.23 ** CPolyesterBandagesSkin and White
E2930Standard PUBandagesPeach
4200AWStandard PU EsterBandagesWhite
1.23.13Standard PU EsterBandagesSkin
D500ALKStandard PU EsterHydrocolloid DressingWhite
1.25.35R30AHReticulated EtherWound TreatmentGreen
1.25.86R30AH Reticulated EtherWound TreatmentAnthracite
1.25.55R45AH Reticulated EtherWound TreatmentOrange
1.25.36R45AH Reticulated EtherWound TreatmentBlue
ME3050Standard PU EsterWound TreatmentWhite
D4200ASStandard PU EsterWound DressingWhite
3.28.81R40HMReticulated EsterVAWCBlack
3.28.81R40HMReticulated EsterVAWCBlack
2.31.45R25SReticulated EsterVAWCGreen
1.25.13Standard PU EsterWound Cleaning (Sponge on a Stick)Skin

Other Medical Applications

Other Medical Applications

Foam GradeFoam TypeApplicationColour
Soft Seal D4200ASStandard PU EsterLeg Cuff sealing SystemWhite
Novapore R110Reticulated PUMedicalWhite
43-AYStandard PU EsterHospital SlippersVarious
2.32.**Standard PU EtherStandard Over-Shoe CoverVarious

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