The Vita Group manufactures and provides Medical Mattresses across Europe

For all your medical grade foam mattress needs

Vita, through its premium brand Metzeler, is an established supplier of medical mattresses suitable for all hospital and care homes. We can supply to countries across Europe and can operate short lead times. You will find detailed information below on some of our range of mattresses that meet the comfort and requirements of hospitals and care homes. Importantly, our mattresses offer comfort, endurance and superior pressure relief, as well as additional benefits such as water resistance and bacteria resistance.

Speak to us if you have a specific need – we are able to offer bespoke designs to perfectly match your specifications and medical grade mattress requirements.


Metzeler Classic

The Metzeler Classic offers comfort that is flexible and can be used in a variety of locations: hospitals, care homes or sheltered residences.  This mattress is available as a one-piece (Metzeler Classic I) or with bed adjusted profiles (Metzeler Classic II). The Metzeler Classic II allows for adjustment to different lying positions and can include the required profile for renewable backrests (specified by DBFK).

Select this mattress if you are looking for:-

  • Endurance
  • Comfort
  • Ease of use

Download Metzeler Classic Data Sheet;

Metzeler Comfort

Metzeler Comfort combines endurance and pressure relief. Its high-density foam core provides long life and dimensional stability combined with support and pressure relief. This promotes comfort and relaxation to support the healing process.

Select this mattress if you are looking for:-

  • Endurance
  • Comfort
  • Pressure relief

Download Metzeler Comfort Data Sheet;

Metzeler Care

Metzeler Care offers superior care for pressure ulcer (decubitus-prophylaxis) treatment and prevention. This therapy mattress has three-layer construction to give exceptional pressure relief. It minimizes the shear forces when the occupant moves and redistributes pressure to reduce the risk of pressure sores.

Select this mattress if you are looking for:-

  1. Endurance
  2. Comfort
  3. Superior pressure relief to support the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcer (decubitus-prophylaxis)

Download Metzeler Care Data Sheet;

Key Points Classic Comfort Care
Pressure-relief ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Support ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Breathable ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
CE-approved medical mattress
Bed standard EN60601-2-52
Flame-retardant (DIN 597 1+2:
cigarette + open flame test)
Certified by “Berlin-Cert”.
Decubitus grade 1-4 or Category III according
EPUAP (European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel).
Mattress Core Classic Comfort Care
Foam type Standard polyurethane foam High-resilience polyurethane foam High-resilience polyurethane foam + visco-elastic foam
Density / hardness (DIN 13014) 40 kg/m³; 4,2 kPa 50 kg/m³; 4,0 kPa 4cm 40 kg/m³;4,0 kPa + 50 kg/m³,3,0 kPa + 4cm 50 kg/m³;1,5 kPa
Tensilestrength (DIN EN ISO 1798 kPa ≥80 kPa ≥90 kPa ≥90 + kPa ≥80 + kPa ≥80
Elongation at break (DIN EN ISO 1798) % ≥120 % ≥140 % ≥100 + % ≥130 + % ≥120
Compression set (DIN EN ISO 1856) % – ≤5 % – ≤6 % – ≤6
Flammability (DIN 75200/ FMVSS 302)
VDV disinfection up to 105°C up to 75°C up to 75°C
FCKW – free
Oekotex Class 1
Weight up to 120 kg up to 120 kg up to 120 kg
Core height 12cm 12cm 12cm – option for 14cm available
Mattress Cover Classic Comfort Care
Protection cover color White “996” Mint “987” + white “986” Dark blue “991”
Zipper On a long- as well as on a narrow side On a long- as well as on a narrow side covered sewn zipper on a long- as well as on a narrow side
Zipper with double stitch and double velcro
Air permeable polyurethane coating
Coating free from latex and PVC
Two-way stretch polYester backing
Spot cleaning
Washable up to 95°C, suitable for tumble-dry
Steam sterilization in the VDV-chamber (autoclave) up to 105°C
Steam permeability (DIN 53122 / climate B) ca. 500 g/m²d ca. 500 g/m²d ca. 500 g/m²d
Bacteria resistant (ISO 6330:2012)
Resistant to blood, emissions, oils, grease and disinfectant (by DGHM)
Water resistant (DIN EN 20811) > 3000mm > 3000mm > 3000mm
Biocompatibility (cytotoxicity) (DIN EN ISO 10993-5)
Biocompatibility (irritation + sensitization) (DIN EN ISO 10993-10)
Toxic substance tests (oeko-tex standard 100 class 1)
Flame test DIN EN ISO 12952-1 (cigarette test) DIN EN ISO 12952-1&-2 (cigarette & open flame) DIN EN ISO 12952-1&-2 (cigarette & open flame)
Flame resistent appropriate BS 7175 sec. 3 crib 5
Hydrolysis resistance; produced free of formaldehyde
Corners from the cover are stitched Yes Yes Yes

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