We always work to balance our economic interests with those of our employees, our communities and our environment for long-term sustainable success. For us sustainability is taking action to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the needs of generations to come.

We work towards creating for a circular economy in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible and the maximum value is extracted from them while in use. At the end of each product’s life the resources are recovered wherever possible to generate new products and materials.

Vita is addressing these challenges through several streams:

  • Promoting resource & energy efficiency in our processes while we reduce and recover production materials.
  • Developing new products that extend a product’s life cycle, using renewable or more environmentally-friendly raw materials, and implementing product substitution for lighter or more efficient solutions.
  • Recycling and exploring further opportunities to recycle within our industry. At Vita, 100% of industrial trim is reused using a low energy reclamation process to create premium products.
  • Partnering with customers to design products that can easily be dismantled and recycled. An example of this collaboration is the Resleep sleep system that won the Interzum ‘Best of the Best’ Award in 2019.

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