Thanks to collaboration between three Vita Group companies, across two of our divisions (Technical & Comfort) we are supplying heat, moisture & exchange (HME) filters for vital medical ventilator equipment during the COVID19 pandemic.

Reticulated polyester foam manufactured in our Breda facility in the Netherlands is impregnated with a liquid compound, developed and manufactured in our Vita Liquid Polymer facility based in Stockport UK. The impregnation process and final conversion is completed at our Vitec facility in Manchester UK, where we convert the material into a variety of sizes for many different equipment criteria.

The end-product is used widely across many ventilator types including neo-natal sizes.  With precise specifications, HME filters are designed to replicate the functions of the body’s upper airway by conserving expired heat and moisture and returning these to the patient during inhalation.

We are very proud of our cross divisional teams, who are doing everything they can to deliver performance materials for critical products that support the current COVID-19 response and the future of our National Health Service.

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Posted 9th April 2020

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