The Vita Group is an established supplier to the medical and healthcare sectors. With our specialist knowledge, The Vita Group supplies a range of flexible block foam and PU foam for semi-finished and finished products that ensure comfort and protection for consumers. With pan-European foam production and a range of foams designed for this market, we have a reputation for quality and service. The Vita Group has developed foam layer combinations to meet severe and extremely severe load-bearing seating classifications.

We are passionate about sustainability and have the drive to work towards a circular economy. We are achieving this through tough ESG targets and innovations which included moving away from traditional petrol chemical feedstocks.


Vita employee in the Innovation Centre in Middleton

The Vita Group can support the medical market with block manufacturing, finished products supply and foam component supply. Our comprehensive portfolio of exceptional foams is made for fast recovery and impermeability products with a wide range of  Standard Ether, High Resilience, Viscoelastic, Combustion Modified and Antimicrobial foams.

With our state of the art Innovation Centre Vita supports with design and manufacture of components ranging from 24-hour use specialist seating assisting with comfort, posture control, and pressure redistribution to integral PU foam inserts for hybrid and pressure care mattresses. The Vita Group can develop foam layer combinations to meet severe load-bearing seating and mattress applications.

The innovative addition of Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection into the cellular structure of the foam provides a thorough and even distribution of the antibacterial properties throughout the lifespan of the product.

Ultra-Fresh kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as MRSA, S.aureus and E.coli and to complete the antimicrobial protection, the mattress’s covers can also be treated with Ultra-Fresh to provide a comprehensive and consistent line of defence.

Our Brands

Medical Applications

The Vita Group foam range is specially designed for the medical sector. We manufacture foam grades approved by external test houses and accredited laboratories. Our facilities can also create bespoke foam designs for long-term care, bariatric care, medical/surgical and home care settings.

Foam solutions for hybrid medical mattresses

The Vita Group can assist in designing and producing semi-finished and finished hybrid mattresses designed to redistribute interface and sheer pressure, reduce overheating and provide comfort on profiling or non-profiling beds.


Foam solutions for wheelchairs

We offer seating solutions which are designed to both reduce pressure sore development through weight distribution as well as be suited to long-term healthcare seating applications.

Foam solutions for specialist seating

The Vita Group can provide the design and development of specialist seating that reacts to body heat and uniquely moulds itself around the contours of the user improving circulation and reducing the development of pressure ulcers.

VitaCare medical special seating - The Vita Group

Bandages and wound care

The Vita group supplies foam wound bandages and dressings with the use of semi-permeable polyurethane foams to help maintain a moist wound environment. Our foam further acelerates the healing process by protecting the injury or wound from bacteria.

Our Certifications

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