Vita designs and manufactures products of high comfort whilst meeting crucial requirements for your safety, including activities according to the EASA Part 21 Subpart J & G for the Aviation industry.

Applications include:

  • Foam Cushions
  • Seat Covers & Padding
  • Mattresses & Toppers

Aviation Applications

Foam Cushions

The Vita Group cushion portfolio includes headrest, backrest, bottom as well as special designs. Different selection of shapes and materials ensure the perfect sitting and sleeping condition tailored to the structure and application of the seat. Compositions can range from a very functional setup with integrated shock absorption to a pleasantly soft surface with different layers and integrated side bolsters.

Conventional Foams

Vita offers a range of different conventional polyurethane foams produced as block & moulded foam:

  • Moulded Version – Cushions are produced by injection of foam into moulds for all types of cushion e.g. Headrest-, Backrest-, Bottom-Cushion.
  • Cut version – Cushions are manufactured from foam blocks and are used for all types of cushions e.g. Headrest-, Backrest-, Bottom-Cushion.

Comfort Foams

The Vita Group produces ErgoFlexx® modules with inflatable chambers including preparation for massage function.

Application Area:

  • Business Class Seats
  • First Class Seats
  • Premium Economy
  • Sleeper Seats

Seat Covers & Padding

Vita offers cushions and dress covers for aircraft seats including cut and sew of fabric, leatherette and leather as well as padding, stitching, embossing and edging. The Vita Group is well-known for its fire retardant padding material, both for fabric and leather dress covers. The high quality and the wrinkle-reducing properties are valued by many customers.

Fire Resistant Foams

Graphite composite foams constitute the latest development in fire resisting polyurethane foam systems which are produced as moulded foam and block foam such as:

  • Metzoprotect FRM – Moulded fire resistant foam.
  • Metzoprotect FRM-C – Covered with special light PA Charmeuse textile as reinforcement.


Mattresses & Toppers

The Vita Group supplies high quality mattresses and covers. They precisely ensure the optimal adaptation to the body and individual needs. Our offer includes various materials and advanced foam technologies as “Air Channel” or “AirLine Spring”. Vita’s Toppers and Cushions increases comfort and enables optimal sleep hygiene while traveling. We offer integrated solutions which are very effective; a triple economy seat can be changed into a bed surface. Our products can be adapted to any design.

Hypersoft Foams

Elegant seamless cover with Hypersoft foam – developed by The Vita Group which features premium Micro Tencel.

Micro Tencel textile can be customised to customers specification and benefits include:

  • More absorbent than cotton
  • Softer than silk
  • Cooler than linen

Services We Provide

Consultant Service

Benefit from our service based on 30 years’ experience referring to the certification of flame retardant products. Our comprehensive service starts with the selection of suitable materials right through to successfully passing the flammability certification process.

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Design Ability

Benefit from our development and design services which offers customized foam compositions for all aviation seating applications according your need. Depending on your need, Vita Metzo products are available either as moulded foam or slabstock foam. Thus you can select the product which suits more in terms of application need, design, comfort, project volume and budget.

In particular moulded foams allows great freedom in design as well as comfort range to meet individual customers expectations. Thus Designers can realize their wishes and customers can express their corporate design language.

System Supplier Ability

Benefit from a comprehensive service – You don’t have to worry about anything anymore!

Cushions and dress covers for aviation seats complement each other. Therefore, Vita Metzo has expanded its portfolio regarding design and production of dress covers. Vita Metzo Upholstery Services includes seat cushions, cover parts and mattresses. From development and design stage, to prototyping and product certification to the supply of flame retardant foams and the ready-to-install upholstered foam products.

The offer includes cut and sew of fabric, leatherette and leather as well as padding, stitching, embossing, and edging. As a matter of course, you also no longer have to worry about
logistics and procurement of needed components.

Metzo's Recycling Concept

The varied application of PU foam materials has led to an increase in the disposal of PU foam wastes and all post-consumer PU material currently being land-filled. Airline operators have to change their aircraft’s interior components periodically. In the case of aircraft seat cushions, this should be every 4-5 years to maintain safety and comfort.

Metzo, part of The Vita Group, is a producer of aircraft seat cushions and feels responsible to provide customers with a solution for recycling end of life cushions to bring it back to market as a sustainable product. This recycling process would lead to a decrease of waste ending up in landfills or incinerators. Furthermore, the customer will receive a long lasting and recycled product which fulfils all FAA/EASA regulations. The Vita Group have already implemented foam recycling processes for other markets where we produce products containing 100% recyclable foam called Novus.

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Novus foam blocks

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