Our Hygiene product Soft Seal gives a stronger gasket seal than traditional thread elastic systems and the flexible nature of the material conforms to all contours, ensuring a tight yet comfortable seal due to the spreading of the force over a wider area and the soft nature of Soft Seal. This makes Soft Seal the ideal choice for light inco, fem-care and disposable diaper applications.


Benefits of Soft Seal

  • Custom designed spool configuration for your specific needs
  • Presented in a range of minimum 30mm to a maximum 100mm, which when elongated produces a very stable elastic tape
  • The tensile strength means no breaking of the tape
  • Easy integration into your existing process
  • Applied via hotmelt adhesive or ultrasonic welding
  • Reduce running costs
  • Minimise downtime
  • Produces a flat elastic tape when laminated between two substrates

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