Roundtable guestsThe Vita Group recently invited some leading figures from the world of manufacturing, retail and sustainability to Middleton HQ Innovation Centre to participate in a roundtable event on the challenges and opportunities of sustainable manufacturing, as well as some future-focused thinking into what a greener future for the sector could look like.

Leading figures from the world of manufacturing, retail, and sustainability participated in the roundtable discussion, focusing on the challenges and opportunities of sustainable manufacturing, as well as what a greener future for the sector could look like.

Simon Robinson, Editor from UT International magazine and our event facilitator, said:

“We talked over a whole range of areas, but the most important take out for me was the need to make the economy circular. To be able to circularise mattresses into waste, into raw materials and back into foam.”


Ian Robb at the roundtable eventOne of the biggest talking points from the conversation was how, as an industry, there is an opportunity to innovate with customers, partners, and the supply chain to produce ethically, sustainable products that help protect the world for future generations.

Jason Block from John Lewis & Partners commented:

“It has been a brilliant day. What I have got out of today is the an understanding of the fantastic innovation that Vita are bringing to the industry. If there is a next new innovation from Vita, John Lewis want to be part of it!”

The climate emergency is with us and we all have a moral duty to our children and grandchildren to protect the planet. Consumers are also increasingly interested in purchasing products with less of an impact on the world around them.

The camera shot of the roundtable event

David Adams from Schneider said:

“I have worked with Vita now for 3 years. I was involved early on to help define where Vita was as a business and talk about goal setting and targeting. It has been really interesting to come back today and hear about all the achievements Vita has made to date.”

Ian Robb, The Vita Group’s CEO said:

Sustainability is important to all of us, not just Vita or its employees, it affects all of us so it is extremely important we get this right, we need to set the right objectives and goals that we can actually achieve.”

What’s Next?

A report based on the outcomes of the discussion will soon be released as well as a video of the event.

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Posted 20th May 2022

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