As a responsible, resourceful and safe business we commit to – and invest in – reducing waste, increasing recycling and reuse of raw materials, and conserving natural resources in pursuit of a net zero footprint. Some of our key achievements to date include:

  • 100% of our excess foam is repurposed
  • 100% zero waste to landfill in our Middleton and Accrington facilities which account for 22% of our production
  • 66% of our products are sold with zero packaging
  • We are actively working on increasing the number of renewable polyols that we manufacture with such as Dow’s Renuva™ and biopolyols.
  • We have invested in four state of the art Innovation Centres in Accrington (UK), Alytus (Lithuania), Corby (UK) and Middleton (UK) which cater to developments in chemistry, processes, material usage, new product development and sustainability.
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Case Study – Carpet Underlay

  • Waste Collection: Trim foam is collected from all of The Vita Group’s plants and shipped to the Ball & Young facility in Corby, UK.
  • Material Breakdown: The trim foam is broken down and mixed with an isocyanate pre-polymer.
  • Conversion: The mix is then moulded, pressed and injected with steam to create a foam block which can be converted into a range of new products.

Case Study – Bio and Sustainably Sourced Polyols

In 2020, 2.5% of our revenue derived from products containing a bio-polyol. Instead of using a petrochemical based feedstock, bio-polyols are made from a variety of plants. Our bio-polyols are made from sunflowers, soya, pine and castor.

The Vita Group has a long history of using bio-derived polyols, notably NaWaro in the year 2000 and the Origin product range launched in 2007. Bio-derived polyols, when sustainably sourced, reduce the carbon impact of the foams we produce. At The Vita Group, alternative polyols must have a net positive impact on the environment and society to be selected for our use.

The Vita Group has led the way with:

CO2 derived Polyols

  • Saving scarce fossil fuels through broadening raw material base
  • Climate protection by using CO2 as a raw material and improving CO2 footprint

Renewable Polyols from sustainable sources

  • Material and process optimised to deliver the same properties as standard polyols
  • Full range of grades available (including fire retardant grades of foam)


Additional goals include:

  • We continue to pursue low odour / low emission additives and reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in our manufacturing chain.
  • We aim to increase the volume (by weight) of products manufactured from sustainable/recycled supply chain or circularity practices.

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