An introduction from our CEO, Ian Robb

Welcome to The Vita Group’s first sustainability report. While this may be our first report, sustainability and ESG are nothing new to Vita.

Throughout Vita’s seventy-year history, we have been at the vanguard of sustainable technologies within the PU foam industry. In recent years, we have invested heavily in improving the circularity of our products and in cutting the carbon output of our operations, among other initiatives.

As this report explains, we are undertaking hundreds of small – and a number of quite large – ESG initiatives, which together will enable us to substantially improve our ESG performance and remain at the vanguard of the industry for sustainability and creating a circular economy.

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Our Approach to Sustainability

Right for our business, the environment, and the consumer.
Putting sustainability at the heart of all that we do is morally and ethically the right thing to do.

Vita puts words into action.
When we committed to greenhouse gas targets (GHG) in line with the Paris Climate Accord, we also signed up to be one of only 2811 pioneering companies globally taking action by submitting those targets via the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) – one of the most rigorous analyses of GHG emissions. We have consistently improved our safety record, halving our LTA’s across the group in 2021 and on track for an even better performance in 2022.

Sustainability and Innovation go hand in hand at Vita.
Through our strategic partnerships covering academic research, raw material and wet chemical analysis, development of new sustainable foams, and investment in four Innovation Centres, Vita is an enabler of the circular economy.

Continuously seeking opportunities to work more efficiently.
Vita has pioneered the use of trim materials for carpet underlay, hydroponic/green roof materials, and Revosport. We continue to invest in developing new products, ensuring we remain a net consumer of trim materials.

Commercialisation partner of choice.
Vita is defined by multi-layered sustainability breakthroughs: re-purposing by-products, seeking alternative raw materials, enabling customers to improve, and processing trim of our customers’ customers. We are the clear ‘commercialisation partner of choice’ for advanced technologies and sustainable thinking.

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Sustainability Milestones and Achievements

These are just a few of our sustainability achievements. To see more ‘performance at a glance’ visit our Performance page.


The ESG principles and goals that guide us

In early 2021, we published our ‘Enhancing Everyday Life‘ vision document, which set out a comprehensive set of ESG principles and goals. While we have already achieved some of these goals, meeting others will take considerable work over the long term. We plan to revisit and renew this strategy at regular intervals, to ensure that we continue to stretch ourselves, and lead on the ESG agenda within our industry.


Driving Circularity

We are reducing the amount of waste we create, transitioning to more sustainable raw materials, and innovating with our suppliers and customers to increase recycling and reduce our GHG emissions.

Empowering People

We are working hard to improve our safety record, reach zero LTAs and drive a year-on-year reduction in lost time accidents. We are embedding our diversity and inclusion policy to encourage an inclusive environment and help all colleagues to reach their full potential.

Optimising Resources

We make more from less by using resources as efficiently as possible, reducing our energy usage and improving our processes to lower our environmental impact.

Acting Ethically

We always act ethically because we only want to win if we’ve done things the right way. One of our fundamental values is acting with integrity: making the right choices and not just the easy ones.

Innovation is our lifeblood

Vita’s flexible PU foams create comfort, deliver performance and enhance everyday life.  Our products enable a lower-carbon economy due to their durability, compressibility, resilience and lightness. And now, building on our proven history of innovation, we are pioneering the worlds first foam made from sustainably sourced recycled polyol.

Vita is currently the only flexible PU foam manufacturer with science-based greenhouse gas targets, with renewable polyols (e.g. soya, pine and castor) and re-polyols, helping to reduce our emissions while improving circularity. Our ambition is to lead the flexible PU foam industry on ESG and sustainability.

We work hard to keep employees safe, healthy, happy and productive, and to safeguard the health of the communities that host our operations. Robust governance arrangements ensure that we conduct business ethically and responsibly.

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