Novus™ – a reconstituted foam

The Vita Group manufactures square and round reconstituted foam blocks constructed through a process of bonding granulated post-industrial foam waste. We process our offcuts into rebonded foam and reintroduce it into the production cycle. In this process, they are bonded with foam remainder reduced to flakes with a binding system on a polyurethane basis under pressure. Applications include mattresses, underlay, furniture, reinforcement foam and more.   

Our rectangular and round reconstituted foam block is a high-quality product which is made from offcuts of PU foams. The offcuts or ‘trim’ is sourced from controlled and known sources from within The Vita Group. During production, trim is reduced to flakes and a binding system based on polyurethane chemistry is applied with high-pressure steam curing the blocks.

Novus - rebond-foam - The Vita Group


Step 1: Recycle Trim

Foam trim is graded then shredded.  None foam contamination is removed before granulation to controlled size. Graded granulated foam is sent to specified storage prior to moulding.

Step 2: Rebonding

Different granulated foam grades are weighted and blended to meet product formulation requirements. Binder is added to the foam and resulting foam binder mixture is moulded to specification density and then cured.

Step 3: Foaming and Conversion

The moulded, cured foam is peeled to the correct thickness, and, if required, the backing is laminated to the surfaces. The resulting peeled and laminated material is cut to length and width to form the finished product, then sent for packing.



Our carpet underlay sits directly under your flooring, providing a layer of support and protection that prolongs that new floor feeling, extending the lifespan of your flooring.

Our underlay portfolio includes:

  • Branded Domestic Underlay
  • Cloud 9 Domestic Underlay
  • Cloud 9 Contract Underlay
  • Cloud 9 Wood & Laminate Underlay
  • Specialist Rubber
  • Cloud 9 Eco Cushion

Our Revosport shock pad range is manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials which includes our ‘Revo’ technology, which comprises open-cell technology and an element of reticulated foam that improves the drainage properties of the pitch system. From gym mats to foam pits, Revosports products are designed with safety and comfort in mind.

Our RevoSport shock pad is ideal for:

  • Sports pitch systems, including football, hockey, rugby and Gaelic Athletic Association sports
  • Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)
  • Play areas
  • Landscaping projects
Vita Shockpad - Revosport

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