Circularity in action, built for comfort

Orbis™ is a new revolutionary collection of sustainable PU foams made from polyols sourced from recycled post-consumer foam mattresses. Orbis™ foam is Europe’s first flexible polyurethane (PU) foam made with recycled raw materials.

The main driver behind the development of Orbis™, and other sustainable foams produced by The Vita Group, is to create a circular economy, for Orbis this means preventing post-consumer products from ending up in landfills or being incinerated, thus creating a fully circular product.

The name Orbis™ derives from the Latin for globe or circular, and this is a truly circular initiative without compromise on comfort. Vita is producing Orbis™ foam made with recycled polyols at its ICOA facility in Crancey, France, and further developments are being made in Germany. The programme aims to recycle up to 200,000 mattresses a year. The Orbis foams we produce from this ‘re-polyol’ have similar properties to those based on ‘virgin’ raw materials and can be used in all of the same applications. This means brand new mattresses can be made from recycled mattress foams.

Vita’s strategy is to embed a sustainable option into every new product we develop. Science, technology, and our deep product understanding allow Vita to innovate and redefine living spaces continuously.

Green Orbis foam


Orbis™ is a new sustainable foam innovation by Vita which is suitable for a wide variety of bedding and furniture applications. Orbis™ is commercially available as Standard Ether and High Resilience foam.


Orbis™ flexible PU foams are made with recycled polyols and provide optimum support and ventilation to all bedding applications.

  • Mattress
  • Mattress Toppers
  • Pillows

Furniture upholstery

High-density Orbis™ foam is suitable for all furniture upholstery applications including –

  • High-end seating applications
  • Medical seating
  • Office seating

Cleaning and Household products

The open round cellular structure also allows optimum air ventilation to the products. Orbis™ can be used for a wider consumer application

  • Packaging
  • Consumer goods
  • Sports and leisure

Our Certifications

Awards and International Recognition

Interzum Award - Best of the best - All brands on ArchiProducts

The Vita Group, Europe’s leading flexible foam solutions provider, has won two prominent awards at the world-leading furniture trade fair Interzum in recognition of its sustainable foam innovations.

Orbis™, the latest addition to Vita’s sustainable foam collection, has been recognised for its innovative approach and received the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ Interzum@Home Award. This foam is created from polyols created derived from recycled end-of-life products, that will see 200,000 mattresses a year recycled into material for brand new bedding and furniture.

Orbis™ has further been recognised for its innovative approach and received the prestigious ‘Innovation of the year’ at UTECH Europe Award 2021.

Industry Collaborations

The Vita Group has partnered with industry-leading companies like DOW and EVONIK, to develop an efficient chemical recycling process to convert flexible PU foams to the original polyol raw material.

RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling

Vita’s flexible PU foam solution, Orbis™, is Europe’s first flexible polyurethane (PU) foam made from RENUVA polyols which are sourced from recycled post-consumer foam mattresses. Dow partnered with Eco-Mobilier to supply post-consumer PU mattress foam for chemical recycling to the first industrial-scale production plant operated by Orrion Chemicals in France. The Vita Group will start using RENUVA™ Polyols at its French production site of ICOA in Crancey, France.

RENUVA™ is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow.

Dow logo

Chemical recycling process

The Vita Group has partnered with Evonik, one of the world’s leading suppliers of essential additives used in the manufacture of various types of polyurethane foam. Vita is currently trialling the recycled polyols from Evonik’s hydrolysis process in several flexible foam applications.

Evonik has used its expertise in polyurethane (PU) chemistry to develop an efficient chemical recycling process for converting flexible PU foams back to the original polyol raw material.

Evonik logo

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