Not all face coverings are equal in terms of quality and safety. Is your face covering breathable, is it an effective barrier to aerosol droplets that carry the virus and is it reusable?

The Vita Group face covering, named Vita Shield VS2, has passed the CWA 17553:2020 (European workshop agreement for face coverings) from the independent test house, Centexbel. During testing, our VS2 face covering filtration efficiency for 3 micron particles was recorded at 98% compared to the minimum pass rate of 70% and passed the air permeability (or breathability) at 319 l/(m2/s) compared to the standard requirement of >96 l/(m2/s). The filtration efficiency test simulated the wearer’s experience of exhaling droplets and aerosol particles that may spread the virus by capturing these when we cough, sneeze or talk. While the air permeability test demonstrates the face covering allows the wearer to breath easily.

The test requires the face covering to be washed and dried after its initial test and then retested, to ensure re-use claims. Our VS2 retained 98% filtration efficiency, showing no reduction in performance.

Posted 3rd August 2020

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