Technology and Product Development

We need talented chemists to develop the latest in innovative foams. The challenge to provide sustainable products is critical to our strategy and our chemists lead the way.

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Operations Management

Providing high quality products on time to our customers is at the heart of what we do. Our exceptional operators, shift supervisors, planners and production management teams are the heartbeat that drives Vita on.

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Sales and Marketing

Delivering exceptional customer service is our passion. We are always seeking talented people who put the customer first, who value lasting relationships – many of them with our customers have been for more than 70 years – and who will go the extra mile.

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Health, Safety and the Environment

Manufacturing foam is technically demanding and requires a high level of precision in our processes, standard operating procedures and controls. Making sure our workplaces are safe and cause zero harm is a central value of Vita. We are always seeking exceptional HS&E professionals to share that dedication with us.

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Our finance team provides the business intelligence that is foundational to everything that Vita does. We are always seeking individuals who can identify patterns, make connections and enable Vita to grow.

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Human Resources

Our dedicated team makes the difference for Vita. We believe passionately in investing in our employees, in having a highly engaged organisation – and focussing on what matters: a happy, fulfilling workplace.


Raw materials are a significant cost for Vita. Building relationships with key suppliers who understand the value we offer to our customers and how they can help us differentiate is at the heart of our strategy.

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